Do you have free parking?

Yes we do, being situated within Stones Garden Centre means that we have a large car park available with free parking whilst you shop.

Is there a cafe on site?

Yes there is a Cafe on-site, which is great for your partner to relax in whilst you enjoy shopping and browsing in our store.

Is there a car wash on-site?

Yes there is, just park up, give the keys to the car wash guys so when you have finished shopping you can drive off in a clean car.

Is there disabled access?

Yes there is, the garden centre is disabled friendly.

Can the dogs come with us?

Dogs are allowed in the garden centre as long as they kept on a leash and you clean up after yourselves.

Do you offer finance?

As of yet we are unable to offer finance, you can always arrange this yourself by comparing credit companies online.

How do I stop my pond going green?

There are many reasons you may have a green pond, from over stocking, too much sunlight to over-feeding. Where possible you can try creating shade over your pond (usually best done when you build a new pond), using chemicals, using a UV Steriliser or increasing filtration. Come and have a chat with us to work out the best solution for you.

How can I get rid of blanketweed?

Blanketweed is a common problem and one that isn’t always easy to solve. If you have blanketweed the chances are you have a clear pond, which means your filtration is working. Blanketweed actually helps filter your pond water but it can clog up filters and overflows. You can try manually removing it by whirling it with a stick, alternatively there are several products that will resolve this from Blagdons electrical product to Evolution Aqua’s Blanketweed Resolve.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do. All live goods are sent out Tuesday-Thursdays dependent on when the order has been placed, it will be sent out via next day before 12 delivery service. All dry goods will be sent via Royal Mail or DPD. Local delivery will be personally delivered.

What size pond liner do I need?

Double the maximum depth and add it to the width and length.

For example you have a pond 3m long by 2m wide with a maximum depth of 1m:

3m + 2m = 5m
2m + 2m = 4m

Final Liner Size = 5m x 4m

Do you purchase or re-home fish from customers?

Generally speaking the answer is no. As we are unsure of the fishes age, condition or if it has viruses we needed to protect our own livestock and do not have the facility to quarantine your fish. In some instances with desirable fish we may take them in. In the circumstances that the fish you are looking to re-home is a “tank buster” we will not be able to take it on, we would encourage you to return to where you purchased it from to encourage them not to import and sell these species to others.

What is R.O. water?

Reverse osmosis, or R.O. water for short, is water that has been stripped of its mineral content by a membrane that only allows pure water molecules to pass through its matrix. The result is purified water that has very low hardness and pollutant levels and can be used for keeping demanding fish or marine invertebrates such as Discus or Corals. Although R.O. water is ideal for expert aquarists keeping delicate species, it is equally suitable for the average community tank – especially in areas where tap water contains high levels of nitrate or phosphate.

As R.O. water is so low in essential minerals, it is normally necessary to add buffering products to prevent problems with pH. Different buffers are available for freshwater or marine use and should be added before using the water in your aquarium.

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